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In 2014, special interests vowed to “take Councilman Beers out” if he didn’t support an illegal land action by the City of Las Vegas. He told them no, and they executed the most expensive, nasty and offensive campaign in City of Las Vegas history. Their candidate resigned in disgrace two years later. Then, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled Beers had been right all along.

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Join Bob Beers and support smart, responsible local governance of government.

Bob Beers is a Las Vegas CPA who has the private and public sector experience to keep the City of Las Vegas focused on the quality of life we enjoy in Council Ward 4. As a UNLV business graduate and 30-year Certified Public Accountant, Beers has started and sold two consultancies who provided IT and assurance services. As a near-lifelong Las Vegas citizen, he served in the Nevada Legislature (1999-2008) and Las Vegas City Council (2011-2016) with honor, respect and distinction.

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